Register your new company on VOM!

VOM Team

الأثنين, 5 أكتوبر 2020

Welcome to VOM: The easiest accounting software for small business owners like you that offers its services in English and Arabic! Let’s help you get started with setting up your business on the VOM platform!

Register via the website and add your email address that you use for your business.

You will receive an email from the VOM team in your inbox. Click to verify your email and you will be prompted to fill out the following information!

Fill out Your Name, Company Name, the industry you work in and reconfirm your email address and password and create your own personalized URL link to your new VOM platform. 

Once you are ready you can log into the website via your own new domain.  we created one just for Sarah or you can log in through the website!

Login to your account and fill out the general settings for your VOM account. We might ask for a lot of details but once it’s all set up you’ll be ready to go!

  • Add your logo to identify your business. 
  • Add your Company Name in English and Arabic to better identify your business to your clients
  • VAT Name: How is your business identified with the government.
  • What is your VAT Identification Number? 
  • What is your company Address How can customers find you?
  • Where are you currently located? If you have multiple addresses where is your headquarters located?
  • What currency are your financials in?
  • What your preferred language throughout the site and when creating important documents like invoices!

You are now ready to set up your first client!
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